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Shares of companies that are engaged only in the extraction of this mineral fell very much last year. In the US growth in this area is not expected despite the statements of the current president. I can safely say that the Ukrainian economy is not energy efficient. The indicator of energy spent on any product is 4.5-5 times worse than in France. This is due to old power networks high transmission losses imperfect design and relics of the past. In addition gas heats air and water better – using electricity for this is very expensive. About life in New York New York City is like Babylon – all people are very different.

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The signs are written in large letters in two languages ​​- English and Spanish and in small letters below the translation into Korean Russian Haitian Creole and Chinese. If you work for the government of the City of New York you simply must know English and Spanish at a conversational level. My usual day is subway work lunch subway home. I often Phone Number List meet new people get acquainted with colleagues in the industry. Sometimes students from my program write that they want to get into my industry. I make appointments consult in my field. Networking is very popular in New York. There is a meetup community where you can register get to know each other and make useful connections.

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Sustainability management 16 Personally my adaptation to this city took place gradually. I merged into American culture quite simply. Studying gave a lot – I became more confident began to communicate more. My house is in New York now but I’m a little tired of it. It’s hard to find for example a place with a backyard. Sustainability Management 17 Photo from BO Leads the personal archive of Nikolai Life is quite expensive I want to settle a little further from the city. Despite the fact that the air there is better than in our cities you still feel the tension the bustle and exhaust fumes. There are more trees in Kyiv nature is more native. Despite the smog I feel good here. When my wife and I decided to have a child we wanted a better environment for him and to some extent a healthier society.

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