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These are common on e-commerce sites with multiple navigation and sorting options. But it’s best to avoid using them on indexable pages unless absolutely necessary. Why? Because they can cause duplicate content issues. This is a place where the same or similar content can be accesse through multiple urls. On an e-commerce site. This might be the same product. But in a different color or style. For example. See how the url changes here while the page content remains the same: screen recording 2020 05 14 at 08.28 pm if this happens on your site and there are duplicate and similar urls make sure to use the canonical content tag to tell search engines. You can find duplicate content issues on your site in ahrefs’ site diagnostics under reports duplicate content .

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Duplicate pages site audit summarize while it’s Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data not worth spending too much time creating seo-friendly urls. It certainly makes sense to take a logical approach and follow best practice guidelines. Plus once you do it a few times. The above process only takes seconds or minutes. Meta description is an html attribute use to describe the content of the page. It can appear as an excerpt below the title tag in search results to provide more content. 1 what the code snippet looks like: Description content Site explorer runs on a huge database of 12 trillion links and 402 million tracke keywords to give you the most complete seo data about any website or url.

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Although the meta description attribute is not Indonesia Whatsapp Number List a ranking factor . And google only displays it in search results 62.78% of the time . It is still a part of on-page seo that content publishers often encounter . In this guide. You’ll learn how to quickly create great meta descriptions and how to review them effectively. But first. Let me explain why meta  in seo. But are still important. Why meta descriptions still matter how to write a meta description how to prioritize meta description creation and eiting great meta description examples why meta descriptions still matter an engaging meta description will attract more people to click on your website in search results. Even though google only displays meta descriptions of the time .

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