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This is important. 2 google rewrites meta descriptions study.Cn for example. If your page gets 50.000 visits per month. Google will show a meta description with an average of 18.500 visits. In this case. Even if your page ctr only increase from 4% to 4. 5%. That would be an increase of nearly 100 clicks. So while you shouldn’t spend too much time on meta descriptions. It’s worth taking a minute to answer one of the questions on your page: is the page designe to drive organic traffic? Is it possible to share this page on social meia? The second question may require some explanation. You can see that when a page is share on social meia.

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 It pulls the description from open graph meta India WhatsApp Number Data tags . 3 meta description social however. If you haven’t set up an og or twitter description. It will display a meta description. You should set the meta description. Enter the creation process… how to write a meta description follow these five steps to create your meta description quickly and easily: expand title tag match search intent use active voice concise and to the point deployment meta description let’s get starte now. 1. Expand the title tag always think of the description as a complement to the title tag . The title should summarize the page using some main keywords relate to the topic.

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 Meta descriptions are an opportunity to further Italy Whatsapp Number List add content. 4 check broken links meta description in the above case. A short description can motivate users to click on our broken link checker because: it checks pages and websites.  and external links. The tool is fast. This is not a bootstrap trap; you can use it directly on the page. Don’t worry about too many keywords here. What’s more important is that you create content that is relevant to your readers and attracts clicks. Use your usp where appropriate. 2. Match search intent search intent is “why” people query. In other words. What are most people looking for when they search for your main keywords? Do they nee any information? Do they want to buy something? Are they looking for a specific website? Do they want to find a quick answer to a question? You can think of the search results as an agent.

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