Almost all results for “meta description” show definitions

Google strives to provide searchers with the most relevant results. So look for commonalities among your top-ranking page snippets. For example. Almost all results for “meta description” show definitions in the summary… 5 meta description definition snippets …So we have to do the same. Other serps may not be that simple. But you can always find some clues. Let’s search for “how to tie a tie”: 6 how to tie a tie all of the snippets discuss different types of bow ties. And most mention that the posts include step-by-step instructions. This tells us that these things are likely important to searchers and worth including in the meta description. Be aware of serps like “standing desk” that serve other purposes.

Snippets that are closest to the type of content

Standing desks results you can see there’s a Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data variety of results here. Some of them are blog posts reviewing the best office desks. And some are product category pages from online stores. In this case. You should take inspiration from the page  you publish. If you’ve written a blog about standing desks. Check out these reviews and compare the articles. If you’ve already create an ecommerce category page. Take a look at these pages. 3. Use active voice active voice makes descriptions clearer and entices clicks by directly addressing searchers. Here is an example: activevoice md you can see that it starts with a verb and makes the searcher the subject of the sentence.

This is not a true description

 In other words. It’s the searchers who do it. Now Japan Whatsapp Number List look at this: passive voice it’s boring and unmotivate compare to the first example. This is because it is written in the passive voice. Hint.I wrote a poor example to prove this point. Of course. It’s not always wise to write meta descriptions in the active voice. For example it does not work with descriptions that define styles. But generally speaking. Passive voice is a better choice. Click here to learn more about the difference between active and passive voice 4. Be concise and to the point meta descriptions are not for telling stories. Every wording matters because users can quickly decide what to click by browsing the results.

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