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And descriptions are truncate after a certain length. 10 tie knots snippets currently. This length is 920px characters on desktop and 680px (~120 characters) on mobile. Your best option to keep them at a certain length is to use a tool like this . Or use a wordpress seo plugin like yoast that has built-in functionality . 11 meta description length whether you’re targeting mobile or desktop users. Your optimization will work best depending on your audience. If you typically want to provide a longer description for desktop users. Then make sure to hit the point at ¾ length so that even mobile users can see it. What’s the point here? Be concise and clear for the user. Not the search engine.

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 The length limit is a good reminder that Iran WhatsApp Number Data the description may have some unnecessary wording. 5. Deploy meta description if you are using a cms. This is very easy to do. In wix. Squarespace. Shopify. And most other apps. you type or paste your meta description. 12 squarespace meta description in wordpress. Plugins like yoast and rankmath add the same functionality. If you’re not using a cms. Just paste the meta description tag into the html <head> section of the code. 13 meta description code expert tips if you are adding the meta description directly into the code. Do not use quotes in the description as this will break the code.

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 Instead. Use the html ” instance like this: just showing Malaysia Whatsapp Number List how to use &quot;quotation marks&quot; in meta description.”> if you use quotes when adding meta descriptions in cms and plugins. They will usually handle html transcoding for you. How to prioritize meta description writing and eiting  time to consider meta descriptions. You may already have some pages with the wrong meta description or no meta description at all. There’s no nee to audit your entire website’s meta descriptions. Instead. Focus on those pages with the most search traffic. This is where a better meta description can make a real difference. You can find these pages in ahrefs’ website management tool .

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