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Just sign up for a free account. Run a crawl using site diagnostics . Then go to page explorer (page analysis) and apply the following filters: 14 site audit page explorer filters next. Click the manage columns button and select organic traffic. Meta description. And meta description length: finally. Sort the pages base on their organic traffic: 16 page explorer organic traffic now. You’re looking at your most important meta description. Check for descriptions that are bad or completely missing. While I recommend this “catch-all” approach. You can also choose to just check for missing meta descriptions. That would be simpler since they are reporte directly in the page report: 17 page explorer on page click the “View impacte urls” button to open the report and sort the pages by organic traffic for proper prioritization: 18 meta description empty error this is a pretty easy review.

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 Right? How about some more writing inspiration? Great Iraq WhatsApp Number Data meta description examples let’s wrap things up with some examples of well-crafte meta descriptions across industries and search intent. 1.Healthline 19 healthline meta description most searchers seem to be looking for a definition here. So that’s what this meta description shows. It then prompts  benefits of glycine. It’s simple and efficient. 2. Timeout 20 timeout meta description I thought I would see a mixe bag of results for nearby areas and hotels. But the results were mostly focuse on the prague area. And the description matche the intent perfectly. It provides a solution in a concise. Easy and feasible way. Mentioning the “Five best” communities also tells searchers that they don’t nee to spend a lot of time reading about it.

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Patagonia 21 patagonia meta description here. Searchers Mexico Whatsapp Number List are looking for great deals. I initially like emergency signal; it seeme more original and less invasive than these trends. Then. You’ll reach the end of your search and finally see what makes patagonia unique: supporting sustainability and conservation. 4. Nordstrom22 nordstrum meta category page in search results. Nordstrom may list their most popular outerwear and brands here. Free shipping may also be a usp of these serps since only one result mentions it. 5. Shopify 23 shopify meta description our last example is a homepage. It’s its own category because you have to reflect your own brand and what you do.

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