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 This is usually fine. But if your title is particularly long. It may get truncate in search results. Is this always a bad thing? Not really. But you can keep your title simple and clear from the beginning. You can create concise text specifically for title tags. This is what we did with this article: hint.We are using the yoast seo plugin for wordpress to achieve this. You can also use rank math . The seo framework . Or any number of other wordpress seo plugins . If you use another platform. Such as squarespace or wix. You should be able to change the title tag at any time. Recommende reading: how to create the perfect seo title use appropriate url have you ever seen search results like this? The title says this article was publishe in 2021.

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 But the url says 2017. Which Philippines Telegram Number Data one is it? If we plug that url into ahrefs content explorer . We get the answer: this article was originally publishe in 2017. But update in 2021. Since the author faile to use a proper url when originally publishing the article. The url looks old because “2017” is retaine in the url. This is why it’s important to use appropriate urls. And the easiest way to do this is to set your post url alias to your target keywords.  your urls concise and concise to reuce truncation in the serps. Recommende reading: how to create seo-friendly urls (step-by-step guide) create compelling descriptions meta descriptions typically appear as descriptive snippets in serps.

How do you create a compelling

 By crafting a compelling meta description. You Brazil Telegram Number can entice more users to click on your blog post in search results. This will lead to more organic traffic.  meta description? Look for commonalities in the descriptions of top-ranking pages. For example. All of the results for “steak tacos” discuss the perfect steak. And google even displays terms like “flank steak” and “beef” in bold. So these are probably things you nee to mention in your meta description. For “Flank steak”. All fragments are definitions – so maybe you nee to write it that way too. Recommende reading: how to write the perfect meta description optimize images you should optimize your blog post images and help them rank in google images which can bring you more traffic.

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