Describe your image in a few sentence

For example. This is the traffic our blog has receive from google images in the past 3 months: here’s how to optimize your images: use descriptive file names. Cute-puppy.Jpg should be use. Not img_95742.Jpg. Add descriptive alt text. Describe your image in a few sentences to assist visually impaire users who use screen readers . Compression. To do this. Use a plugin like shortpixel or e . Recommende reading: image seo optimization: 12 actionable tips add content navigation use content navigation to link to important parts of your article to help users quickly find the information they are looking for. Here’s an example of content navigation in this post: we use custom-written ones. And you can add content navigation to any post using a free plug-in like easy table of contents .

Getting more links is important

 In addition to the user experience benefits. Directories Poland Telegram Number Data can also help trigger site sublinks in the serps —which may help you win more organic clicks. Here’s an example from our 301 reirect guidelines : these are the sections liste in our content navigation recommende reading: what is a site sub-chain? How to influence them add linkable elements a linkable element is a piece of information that entices people to link to your blog post. because they are one of the known ranking factors . Google has told us this many times. And in our research of over a billion pages . We’ve found a clear correlation between backlinks and organic traffic. But how to find “Linkable elements”? Here’s a simple way: put the top-ranking pages for keywords into ahrefs site explorer (website analysis) go to anchors report look for common reasons in anchor text if we did this for the #1 ranke article on “ seo techniques ” we would see that many people were linking to it because of the statistics.

We should probably include

 We can attract more people to link to Canada Telegram Number our articles by including similar statistics. If we did the above for a popular article about “seo copywriting”. We would see a lot of people linking to it because of two unique concepts: if our seo copywriting article hopes to get more backlinks.  some of our own unique ideas in the article. Add structure markup structural markup is code that helps search engines better understand and present your content in search results. For blog posts. The main use of markup is to earn rich meia snippets like this : rich snippets can increase clicks and drive more organic traffic to your blog posts. So should you add structural markup to your text? Here is a simple way to judge: recommende reading: rich meia snippets: what are they and how to get them? Add internal link internal links are links from one page to another page under the same domain name.

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