You can find link opportunities through google

They are important because they increase the authority of the page and help google understand what the page is about. That’s why every blog post you publish nees to include relevant internal links. You can find link opportunities through google. Just search for: site:yourwebsite.Com for example. If your blog post is about “flank steak” you would search for: site:yourwebsite.Com “Flank steak” this will display pages on your website that mention your target keyword: then. Just link those words and phrases to relevant blog posts. You can also use site audit in the free ahrefs webmaster tools to find internal linking opportunities. Simply go to the link opportunities report and add your target page: recommende reading: seo internal linking: an actionable guide how to improve and maintain blog post rankings blog seo is not a one-time thing.

Update your articles regularly

 You can’t just write and optimize an article Qatar Telegram Number Data and call it a day. Getting your blog posts to rank high in google and being able to maintain those rankings over time is an ongoing process. Let’s take a look at some strategies you can use to improve and maintain your blog post rankings.  optimize feature snippets (feature snippets) create content aggregation create more links update your articles regularly if you’ve been following the ahrefs blog for a while. You know that we update and republish our blog posts almost as often as we write new ones. In fact. According to content explorer . We’ve republishe about a quarter of our articles. The reason we do this is that rankings don’t stay the same forever.

We publishe an on-page seo

 Because over time. Our articles often become China Telegram Number stale and outdate. Which can cause rankings and organic traffic to drop. That’s exactly what’s happening in our article on top google searches : how did we solve this problem? By updating and republishing articles. You can tell when we did this by looking at the graph. Because there are peaks and troughs in traffic in the data: we also frequently rewrite and republish articles where we misjudge search intent. For example.  study in 2016 . But it never ranke particularly high or got a lot of organic traffic because users didn’t actually want a study. Therefore. In 2018. We rewrote this article as a guide and republishe it under the same url.

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