You can sometimes reach the top position quickly

Organic traffic has change dramatically and continues to soar. Recommende reading: republishing content: how to update old blog posts for seo optimize feature snippets (feature snippets) feature snippets are short pieces of information that appear at the top of certain search results. They are usually pulle from one of the top 10 pages and are intende to provide a concise answer to the user’s question. By optimizing your blog posts for feature snippets. You can sometimes reach the top position quickly. Here’s the easiest way to find feature snippets opportunities for your articles: put your blog into ahrefs site explorer (website analytics) enter the organic keywords report filter and find keywords that you don’t rank for but have feature snippets then you just nee to be more specific and add the corresponding content sections to your article.

Central page and sub-articles

 Recommende reading: how to optimize Russia Telegram Number Data for google’s feature snippets create content aggregation a content aggregation is a collection of links to blog posts about a specific topic. They consist of the following three parts: a “Hub” article (page) about the main topic . Sub-articles about the main topic . Internal links to and from the  . Many seo professionals believe that creating a content aggregation from blog posts will improve the rankings of all the articles it contains. There are several reasons for this. But the main theory is that it helps google see your site as an authoritative source of information on a certain topic. When it comes to creating a syndication. You can either create a syndication from scratch or you can find common ground among existing blog posts and create a content syndication.

You may have a hard

 Recommende reading: seo content aggregation: how to Egypt Telegram Number get more traffic and links create more links since there is a clear correlation between backlinks and rankings. time outdoing articles that have links that are significantly higher quality than yours. How do you know how many links a competing page has? Check the serp overview of your target keywords in ahrefs keywords explorer : you can then drill down into their backlink data to check the quality of their links and get a better idea of true ranking difficulty. Recommende reading: keyword difficulty: how to determine your chances of ranking in google at last the focus of blog seo is continuity. You nee to consistently write. Optimize. And update blog posts that are centere around getting search traffic.

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