To analyze keywords in batches

 It’s unlikely they’ll want to spend hundres of dollars on a pizza oven anytime soon. So how do you judge the value of a keyword? If you use a keyword search tool. Such as ahrefs’ keyword analysis . To analyze keywords in batches. You can get a very rough “Value” judgment by referring to the cost per click (cpc). This represents how much advertisers are willing to pay on average for a click on a keyword. 19 pizza cpc translator’s note: search for keywords in batches in ahrefs’ keyword analysis. And you can intuitively compare the cost per click (cpc) of each keyword. What this means here is that if advertisers are willing to pay a high fee for clicks. Then the traffic brought by this keyword must have a certain value.

Since we don’t offer link building services

 However. Things are not that simple. Just Brazil Telegram Number Data because a keyword is valuable to someone else. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s valuable to you. Take “link building service” as an example: ok20 link building service cpc the cpc of this keyword is very high. And it’s easy to see why. Because you can make a lot of money by providing link building services. And companies that provide link building services are willing to pay high fees for this traffic. However. This keyword has little value to us. Keyword difficulty let’s say you find the perfect keyword. This keyword has a high search volume and the search intent matches the content of your page.

Mortgage payment calculator

 Making it look very valuable. This keyword should Canada Telegram Number be chosen for page ranking. Right? Uncertain. It depends on how difficult it is to rank for this keyword. For example. Take a look at the “Mortgage payment calculator”: ok21  keyword difficulty “ mortgage payment calculator” has a keyword difficulty score of 84. Given that our rating is from 0 to 100. That’s pretty high. This means that many top-ranking pages have many links from other websites. Because external links are an important ranking factor . Without a large number of high-quality external links. It will be difficult for your page to surpass other pages and obtain a top ranking position. Having said that. Ranking on google is more than just getting backlinks.


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