Using “Robot vacuum” as the keyword

We see the opposite is true. Ok15 seo tips top ranking ok15 submit to search engines top ranking click on these two articles to learn more about why search volume is not necessarily a good way to preict traffic. Search intent let’s say you sell sweeping robots online. Looking at the search volume alone. Using “Robot vacuum” as the keyword to rank the product page seems to be a good choice. Ok17 robot vacuum search volume keywords explorer after all. Someone searching for “Robot vacuum” probably wants to buy one. But you sell “Robot vacuum.” so. What’s the problem with doing this? The problem is that most people searching for this keyword aren’t ready to make a purchase. They are simply looking for product reviews and analysis of the best models available.

Consumer review sites for the best vacuum

 How do we know? Take a look at the Belgium Telegram Number Data google search results. 18 robot vacuum results translator’s note: search “Robot vacuum (sweeping robot)” in google. And we can see that the highlighte part is the copy include in the top-ranke links: “Best robot vacuum”. As you can see. Almost all of the search results are carefully ranke by  cleaners. This is important because google’s job is to show users the most relevant search results. If these search results are all rankings of the best robot vacuum cleaners. Then we can assume that’s what searchers want to see. In seo terms. This is calle search intent . If you want to get the best google rankings for your keywords.

Search intent without stoppin

 You nee to create content that is consistent Brazil Telegram Number with search intent. In other words. Don’t choose keywords that searchers use to find your blog posts to rank for. Or vice versa. ” value” many people often obsess over search volume and g to think about the value of keywords. This is wrong. Let’s say you sell pizza ovens online. You might see a keyword like “pizza dough” with 43.000 monthly searches and think it’s easy to rank for this keyword. Ok18 pizza dough search volume but. You have to ask yourself. How many people searching for “pizza dough” might want to buy a pizza oven? The realistic answer is probably no. Most people are pretty much just looking for a quick recipe.

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