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Your see keywords might be headphones. Earbuds. Earphones. And beats. We enter these see keywords into ahrefs’ keyword analysis and take a look at one of the keyword reports. Ok 9 keywords explorer ideas we now see over 2 million relevant keywords. Including monthly search volume. Average cost-per-click (cpc) for paid ads. And a host of other seo metrics. How to choose keywords no one can rank for all keywords. And no one can bid for all keywords. Therefore. It is important to choose your competition wisely. Let’s take a look at a few keyword metrics and attributes to help you choose the best keywords. Popularity search intent ” value” keyword difficulty popularity keywords vary in popularity.

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 For example. “how to post on instagram” has Australia Telegram Number Data approximately 35. 000 monthly searches. But “how to get backlinks” only has 1.200 searches. Ok10 keyword popularity does this mean that ranking for “how to post on instagram” is better than “how to get backlinks”? Uncertain. If you sell seo software like we do.  for the first keyword. It might bring a lot of visitors. But no one will buy our product. You nee to find keywords that are relevant to your business and then judge them accordingly. For example. “Seo tips” has 2.200 monthly searches. While “Image seo” has 350 monthly searches. Ok11 two keywords since these two keywords are meaningful for us to appear in google search results.

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 We should probably prioritize the Australia Telegram Number first keyword. Why? Because it has more search volume. We might get more traffic from ranking first for this keyword than another keyword. You can check the search volume for analysis . Just enter your keywords. Select a country. And you’ll see country-specific and global search volumes. Ok12 seo tips search volume important while search volume is generally a good preictor of traffic potential. It’s not perfect. Just look at these two keywords: ok13 two kejywords judging from their search volume. You would think that the pages at the top of the search results for “Seo tips” would get the most organic search traffic. However. If we look at the current top-ranking pages for each keyword in ahrefs’ website analytics .


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