To Choose The Best Strategies

I didn’t want to do what everyone else does. This stage of life was successful the brand was successful but I wante to break everything and build a new one. This is the usual boyish selfishness. Was the rebranding difficult I have been going to change the brand for the last years. It was difficult for me like any person who has a well-establishe business to give up the name. At the first stage we simply remove the signs and thought about updating. Then it became clear that neither I nor most of the team want to return to the past.

Taking Into Account The Resources

The team split in two Those with whom we worke for many years who got old in this project resiste. But the young employees wante change. I felt that everything neee to change radically. Restaurant rebranding for whom and why The return of Oliva Peru Business Email List after months would look ridiculous and flawe. Some waiters and administrators left for other more understandable establishments. I brought a new idea to restaurants. It was necessary to understand and learn – they did not want to. Of the key employees two managers were having a hard time with the transition and after some time quit themselves.

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Possible Actions Of Other Participants

New clients Restaurants Fayna Familia opene in March and another 0 of customers left us. These are those who went to Oliva for years just for pizza. Restaurant rebranding for whom and why Now we are building a new audience. I aspire to this drive BO Leads I neee everyone including myself to wake up a little. When all is well nothing nees to be done. You can go with the flow. Now we are at the very beginning of the journey. We broke everything and create a new one. It is important to take a worthy place in the market and in the minds of guests.

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