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I am not trying to build a national network. It should be several institutions where managers treat business as their own. The concept of Fine Surname is the idea of ​​a family. Children grow up become independent but we are still together helping each other. Restaurant rebranding for whom and why We share family values the name is a kind of encoding for us. The surname is the family and the fine is what it should be. Perhaps the guests do not yet read the new brand but we are setting ourselves up for the future. All newfangle strategies in the restaurant business are quickly dying off. If we want a long-term model we must plan for a long distance run.

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I did not seek to rebrand painlessly I have drastic measures. Typically boyishly decide That’s all I’ve playe enough I’ll break it – I’ll make a new one. He did not calculate anything he relie on the principle Wait and see. Conclusions on the rebranding Suriname Business Email List of Oliva by LABA icon If a company represents something it will survive without a sign. icon In order not to lose customers leave things that are clear to them for example save some menu items. icon Help employees understand new approaches and communicate company values.

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Icon After rebranding build communication with customers at all levels restaurant advertising social networks. People should understand what the new name carries in itself. icon Trust those with whom you have worke for a long time. Appoint partners BO Leads and give them the right to do business. icon If you want a long-term business model rely on traditional approaches. New trends quickly die off.Emotional intelligence vs IQ what determines success Exercises for the development of emotional intelligence. photodd0be Kosenko Sasha Kosenko columnist at LABA Does it make sense to measure your intelligence Research shows that a high IQ does not guarantee success in life.

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