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Emotional intelligence has components icon Self-awareness awareness of one’s own emotions and nees. icon Control over your feelings and behavior. icon Good perception of people a deep understanding of other people’s feelings. icon Managing the emotions and reactions of other individuals. Marina Taran focuses on the importance of the first component – understanding yourself In work and business we strive to quickly turn on or off our emotions. Exercises for the development of emotional intelligence. 0 Often we want to activate a good range of feelings obeience respect politeness positive thinking and suppress aggressive impulses irritation anger fatigue rebellion.

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My favorite interpretation of EI is the relevance the adequacy of the situation. If my aggressive reaction dresse in the appropriate form of the circumstances will more effectively move the team to the result then I show harshness. It makes no sense to Uruguay Business Email List replace it with kind insincere emotions if it will make others slip further slowing down the business . How to measure your EI On the Internet or specialize books you will find tests that determine the level of emotional intelligence. Testing for IQ is more objective when answering questions it is impossible to lie and deceive the system. And when testing yourself for emotional intelligence you can cheat sometimes unintentionally.

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Exercises for the development of emotional intelligence. Personalities with high EI are self-sufficient they cannot be controlle or impose on someone else’s opinion . Everyone experiences negative emotions. Only a person with a high EI passes them through and BO Leads lets go while individuals with a low EI get stuck in experiences for a long time for example they live in resentment for a week or in depression all their lives. It is more difficult to work with such people in one team or on a common project. Ekaterina Gaiduchenko believes that individuals with low EI can also be approache The meaning of communication is in the emotional response it evokes.

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