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Build relationships on respect. icon result. They do not take on tasks that they cannot complete at the proper level and on time. They make decisions base on the benefits both for the business and for themselves – in equal shares.  Don’t complain about problems they solve them. Take responsibility for the result. Why develop emotional intelligence If we understand our feelings it is easier for us to cope with stress depression and other unpleasant conditions that make a person with low EI fall into a stupor. Ekaterina Gaiduchenko says that it is easier for people with high EI to join a team and work in a team.

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When you manage your mood you become more efficient solve problems faster with less effort and more pleasure. And if you understand and influence the emotional well-being of others you can instill confidence in them and inspire them to new Venezuela Business Email List achievements. Without develope EI without noticing it ourselves we can negatively influence people suppress and devastate them . Individuals with high EI use different emotional states for the benefit of themselves and others. They know that sadness promotes analytical thinking and try to think things through in this mood.

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They understand that a happy person wants to share joy while a sad person seeks solitude. An individual with a develope emotional intelligence goes through life more cheerfully and is less likely to make mistakes because he feels in his gut when to BO Leads speak  ask  insist and when it is better to wisely remain silent and wait for the right moment. Exercises for the development of emotional intelligence. Marsha Reynolds author of Coaching Emotional Competence Emotional intelligence makes a person a professional and a professional – a person. EI should be pumpe and use by directors – this will increase the efficiency of employees and help establish trusting relationships with them.

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