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The second skill is empathy or empathy. There are those who know how to put themselves in the place of others to experience their experiences. Trying to feel people we better understand their actions. Exercises for the development of emotional intelligence. Conscious influence on the reactions of others If we know what causes a particular emotion in a person then we can easily preict his behavior. This means that we can decide how we should act in order to achieve the desire result and for example prevent a conflict. Alena Sysoeva suggests developing EI in a three-step system icon Step Recognize your emotions Keep a personal Emotion Diary for two weeks.

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Divide your day into intervals and write down for each of them a what you did and with whom; b How did you feel about it There are no right or wrong Christmas Island Business Email List emotions so be honest with yourself. icon Step Analyze the causes of emotions Ask yourself questions Why do I feel this way What cause such a reaction What did I get a or did not receive a Why What prevente. icon Step Take control of your condition The task at this stage is to learn how to move into a neutral emotional state or better choose the most useful and appropriate from the spectrum of experiences.

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The Development Of Emotional Intelligence

To do this remember what makes you smile joy calmness peace. Focus on how you want to feel and how the situation should be resolve. Speak or rather write down the desire scenario of events and stick to your plan of action. When a person consciously BO Leads relates to emotions his level of EI increases. The Dalai Lama said that emotional intelligence is directly relate. To the spiritual growth of a person and the cause of all negative events on. Earth is the negative emotions that people experience. Isn’t this a good reason to work on your EI Relate books icon Paul Ekman The Psychology of Emotions icon Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence.

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