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How to get along with colleagues People differ in mindset work style and decision-making spee. The conflict will arise in any case but it must be constructive. In the combination of different visions and temperaments the right decisions are born so you nee to listen to all opinions. What is the corporate culture How to get along with colleagues Mission and Vision Every well-known company has an inspiring mission. icon IKEA mission Improve people’s daily lives icon Google’s mission Conveniently organize all the information in the world make it accessible and useful to everyone icon Mission of Coca-Cola To refresh the world body mind and spirit.

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Awaken optimism through our drinks and our actions. Bring meaning to everything we do The mission should be known to employees and consumers. It reflects the purpose of the organization and its position in the market. Vision is how management sees Poland Business Email List the future of the company. Plans must be communicate to subordinates so that they present a clear goal. How to get along with colleagues Values People should understand the vocation of business and be involve in it. The main thing is that the values ​​​​are not lies – there will be or 0 of them whether you come up with new ones or follow the examples of large companies. How to get along with colleagues For example one of the rules of IKEA is frugality Zappos puts the wow effect of the service in the first place Starbucks reminds that profitability is the key to success.

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The basic principles should be clear to employees and customers. How to get along with colleagues People Hire talente professionals and implement corporate culture. Specialists will give good results and thanks to trust and openness in the team BO Leads productivity will increase. How to get along with colleagues On the other hand sometimes it is better to hire a raw employee and teach them how to work than an old-school veteran who will not compromise his principles. How to get along with colleagues Leader The boss should be an example for subordinates as parents are for children. Respect each employee be honest with the team work the way you want others to work.

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