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The company became the Graphics Business Unit within Microsoft. Robert Gaskins We were lucky to launch our PowerPoint product at exactly the moment when Microsoft was convince that they neee in fact the same thing. PowerPoint came to Windows in 0 The second version of the program neee to be finalize made in color in order to create slides for overhead projectors. Dennis Austin worke on color PowerPoint .0. Artists from the Genigraphics company were invite especially for this program. Thanks to them 000 color sets appeare in PowerPoint .0. History of PowerPoint. They decide to write the program first of all under Windows then adapt it for Macintosh. PowerPoint .0 was release on Windows .

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Windows took full ownership of the program and place it in the Office suite. Robert Gaskins Sometimes I look at what people create and think – oh my god this is interesting! It turne into something more than just presentations something we couldn’t have Iraq Business Email List imagine when we designe the program. PowerPoint has change the approach to public speaking. The pace of work has accelerate we make slides in minutes. At the same time most speakers doom listeners to death by PowerPoint – they prepare boring presentations and meaningless pictures. History of PowerPoint.

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The programmers gave us time – it’s worth spending it on creating truly exciting projects. icon Martin Sykes Niklas Malik and Mark West From Slides to Stories – Microsoft veterans show how to create stories and turn them into compelling presentations. icon Aleksey Kapterev Presentation Mastery – how to develop a presentation script make slides BO Leads simple and creible. icon Nancy Duarte Slideology – about how to use principles in presentations simplicity imagery and creativity. icon Nancy Duarte Slideology. Resonate – how to apply the techniques of literature and cinema to convey ideas and get a response from the audience. icon Dan Roam Speak and Show is about using truthful data to connect with listeners.

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