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How to solve emerging problems in business And the typical and usual problems of aristocratic companies. With an extensive list of past victories are formalism underestimation of plans complex processes of coordinating decisions. A young company will outgrow some of its problems of growing up. But in aging companies the supply of vital energy becomes less if nothing is done. Is there a chance Yes if you actively slow down and force you to search for new opportunities. How to change the approach to problem solving In many organizations I know of rewards are more often given for individual accomplishments than for collective contributions.

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This leads to the fact that it often does not occur to managers to consult with colleagues and the team about emerging problems. How to solve emerging problems in business And this deprives the company of the opportunity to use the knowlge and ideas that Somalia Business Email List the organization already has. Therefore this approach should be chang. But what to change Is it really every time to collect meetings and discuss every little thing wasting precious time In the Adizes Methodology we separate approaches for an individual solution and an approach for finding a solution as part of a group icon.

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Task for one is if the manager employee has the authority. To make a decision and also has the resources to implement. It and this does not require a special contribution of the knowlge and experience of colleagues. icon A task for the group is when BO Leads the solution lacks the knowlge authority or support from potential performers. We deal with simple decisions without thinking. But the challenges require the leader to acknowlge I cant know everything. I ne to hear from others so that a good decision can be made bas on their input. Such recognition can be hinder by pride stubbornness impatience habit or the belief that everything should be decid this way – centrally and individually.

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