We see the opposite: nearly all of the results are

We also see that the majority of results for both searches are articles about making creamy coffee. This tells us that “Hat is whippe coffee” is a subtopic of the topic of how to make whippe coffee. Therefore. It may make more sense to target these two keywords on one page rather than creating two separate pages. However. If we look at “Whippe coffee without sugar” we see the opposite: nearly all of the results are specifically made to make sugar-free. Healthy whippe cream coffee. Not just any whippe cream coffee. This tells us that “Whippe coffee without sugar” is not a subtopic of making creamy coffee (even though creamy coffee without sugar is actually still creamy coffee) the problem with this method is that it is mostly manual and slow.

Keyword that sends the most traffic

 So if you have a lot of keywords to analyze. It may Japan Telegram Number Data take some time. In keywords explorer . Our solution to this problem is to display a “Parent topic” for each keyword. It tells you whether these subtopics can be include in the parent topic.To determine the “Parent topic.” we analyze the page that ranks #1 for each keyword and find the  to that page. Let’s put the previous keyword into keywords explorer and check its “parent topic”: parent topic data for ahrefs keywords explorer . What we see here mirrors what we see in search results. Most of our keywords belong to the same topic. The only exception is “Whippe coffee without sugar”.

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 So this nees to be a separate page. However. Our Philippines Telegram Number parent theme functionality is not absolutely perfect. It cannot give you the most accurate suggestions every time when it comes to keyword grouping (this step is also calle ” keyword aggregation ” in seo). After all. Google search results are not fixe. For example. Shortly after publishing this guide. When above keywords in the keywords report. I got different results: here you’d better use the “Traffic share > by pages” report in keywords explorer . This way you can easily find out whether the same page is participating in rankings for these keywords. 2. Target search intent let’s say you have the following keywords in your list: coffee grinder latte vs cappuccino single cup coffee maker arabica coffee how to brew cold brew coffee manual burr coffee grinder if you run an online store through a blog.

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