What is web 2.0 and what are its advantages

Surely you have heard about web 2.0 , a very popular concept on the Internet. If you are not sure what this refers to, in this post we are going to explain what  2.0 consists of and what its advantages are.

The years 2003-2004, as a way of referring to some important innovations that had emerged on the Internet in recent years.

The term web 2.0 is us to refer to a new generation of websites that allow people to collaborate and share information online in ways that were not possible before.

The concept of web 2.0 was coined

With 1.0, most websites consisted of static HTML pages. Later, developers began to create web pages dynamically design to be telephone number list updat frequently and allow user interaction. With  2.0,  pages are not only dynamic but also highly interactive.

Thanks to 2.0, Internet users have become participants in the network, leaving behind their role as mere spectators. Social networks, forums or comments sections on blogs are three ways through which users can interact with a website.

Much of the interactivity of websites 2.0 is possible thanks to a new programming technique call AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX makes it possible for our browser to connect to the web server and download small amounts of information in the background.

The main advantage of Web 2.0 is the democratization

This method is us to download only the parts of a  page that change as a result of user interaction. This way, there is no ne to reload the entire page every time a change is made, resulting in a more responsive website and a more interactive experience for the person visiting the website.

The philosophy of Web 2.0 emphasizes the importance of people’s interactions with the Internet. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the website. In fact, some important websites such as Wikipedia depend exclusively on the BO Leads selfless contribution of Internet users.

We are fully immers in web 2.0 but internet experts are already warning us of the arrival of web 3.0. What are the changes that this new paradigm brings us? We have to wait to know it.

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