What you need to know about email whitelists

What you need to know about email whitelists
How often do you check your email? This is likely countless times a day.

Email is an essential part of modern life. And plays an important role in how we communicate. With colleagues, friends, and customers. But if you use email as part of your. Marketing strategy or sales process, there’s another. Factor to consider: email whitelisting.

Knowing what email whitelists are, why they’re. Important to both marketers and customers, and how .They can work properly can have a huge impact on the success. Rate of your emails reaching your customers’ inboxes. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything digital marketers need. To know about email whitelists, from what they mean. To best practices when setting up campaigns.

Newsletters or promotional emails you subscribe to

A rule of thumb when it comes to whitelisting is to ensure that you only see the emails telemarketing leads you want to read. However, here are some emails that you should add to your approved senders list:

Not all promotional emails should be sent to spam or an inconspicuous folder. Using a whitelist, you can ensure that emails from all the retailers and services you use arrive in your inbox.

Unless you have signed up for an email list against your will , you may receive emails from sources to which you have signed up. Using a whitelist can help you ensure that these valuable sources of knowledge and promotions don’t fall victim to email filters.

What is an email whitelist

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Email whitelisting is the process of adding other email addresses or domains to your list of approved senders t BO Leads o ensure that your emails are always delivered to your inbox . This means that all emails from a specific sender will bypass the filter and be delivered straight to your inbox, so they won’t get lost in your spam folder.

How does it work?
To add an email to the whitelist, a change must be on the recipient’s end. Recipients can whitelist the sender’s address or domain name when they receive email. Simply mark incoming emails as ‘not spam’ and then add them to your contact list. In some cases, depending on your email service configuration, you may need to manually add addresses to the whitelist.

Why is it important?
As you probably already know, we have filters in place to determine whether certain emails get into other people’s inboxes. Most of these filters rely heavily on whether the email is as spam, and if so, it gets sent straight to the spam folder. Therefore, whitelisting your emails is an essential part of ensuring that your emails are successfully to their recipients.

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