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All success will be yours. icon Actively meet with them ask questions ask for an offer. Even if you are not going to buy anything yet. Any consultants are networkers and know that sooner or later they will make a sale to you or your friends. icon Learn to understand business. Recommendations for consultants icon Publish quality content take an example from the leaders. icon Organize more events. icon Do research share results. icon If you are not an international company look for the best global practices and apply them do not reinvent the wheel. POWERPOINT ARTICLE July 0 The history of PowerPoint you didn’t know History of PowerPoint.

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Photoe0f0e Alchanova Elena Alchanova columnist at Laba Worldwide over 00 million users create around million PowerPoint presentations every day. They select pictures and fonts take courses and read books to improve their skills in this program. Several decades passe before we became intereste in the shades and decoration of the text. 0 years ago Indonesia Business Email List business was done on paper and the computer took up an entire room. History of PowerPoint. 0 The presentation could be prepare for six months the design department and assistants worke on it – managers did not know how to type text and draw graphics. Employees of corporations had no idea that one day each employee would be able to make slides himself.

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We tell how the creators of PowerPoint got tire of drawing slides by hand why the name Presenter did not take root and how Xerox almost bought the rights to the program. Presentations existe before PowerPoint We say slides – we mean PowerPoint. But employees BO Leads of large companies made presentations before the advent of personal computers. The projector was bulky and the slides were tangible. The projection device was calle a codoscope. History of PowerPoint. The text was type on a typewriter the diagrams were drawn by hand the drawing was transferre to film with ink and later with a photocopier.

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