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I would even say that it is considere bad form to do everything yourself when you have access to excellent expertise. Why are business consultants neee My personal experience with consultants is also quite extensive – Ernst Young HAY Radford Aon Hewitt Mercer SHL DDI ECOPSY SAP and a number of others. In addition to international ones I also cooperate with domestic companies and specialists working alone. Among my friends and acquaintances there are many consultants in various business areas. Why are business consultants neee So what’s the problem I think it’s that consultants are often seen as a costly project the benefits of which are not always obvious.

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The less clear results consulting gives the more doubts. And therefore such services as recruiting are quite common in our country but for example grading or evaluation of leaders is no longer there. Relate Courses HR AND RECRUITING HR Director India Business Email List Ekaterina Gubareva ex-AVP Global Logic To learn more hr-dir-new-ph-min-0accfc.png HR AND RECRUITING People Management Alexandra Alkhimovich Vice President People Environment Miratech To learn more people-management–e What causes this relationship icon Poor understanding of the work of HR on the part of managers – they are often unable to assess the benefits of services.

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Low qualification level of HR directors. They should have levele the problem but they themselves are not able to understand the benefits for the business. icon As a consequence of the last point there is competition between HR and consultants. As soon as BO Leads consulting specialists enter the company HR begins to be jealous afraid and quietly sabotage the work in order to later say I told you so or I did everything myself. icon High prices compare to the level of the economy. After working with consultants in other countries and in different markets I can say that for international companies on average the price tag does not vary much depending on geography.

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