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Are there universal tips for brand building and social meia communication Each business and industry has its own characteristics so there are no universal recipes. But there are tips to help build a brand icon Understand the target audience study competitors. icon Choose tools in building a brand and a communication channel depending on the introductory ones. icon For the mass market and FMCG brands use social networks where the company’s audience is locate. icon In social networks communicate in the language of the consumer give the most useful information icon Selecting non-standard content stories useful videos tips infographics facts and data is what will interest and inspire a person.

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Nevil Isdell Coca-Cola is a ubiquitous company. Her advertising even influence the modern image of Santa Claus. Coca-Cola is the most use word in the world after o’key. At the same time Coca-Cola is able to captivate with its secrets. Only a few know the Hong Kong Business Email List ingreients of the drink and even I don’t know the secret formula. How to choose a development strategy and stick to it Well-known brands such as Coca-Cola Re Bull IKEA keep the quality at a high level. Their mission is expresse in slogans there are communication standards. Such brands have a clear strategy of positioning and destination for the consumer.

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To build a strategy and change it painlessly you nee to follow the following rules icon Brand positioning should be consistent – each product evolves the company grows with the consumer. You can launch new campaigns develop communications but keep the BO Leads essence of the product. icon Analyze the market – the right strategy is chosen after analyzing competitors and consumers. You nee to determine what you want to offer the consumer. icon Stay accessible to loyal customers – for example a new store design with affordable prices can change the perception of the consumer and he decides that the goods have risen in price.

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