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The minimum rate rule works – it is the highest in the industry. A wide range of responsibilities helps everyone to receive a high salary. icon 5 Company values. The basic principles are not determined outside but among employees. New staff is hired based on openness the desire to work and develop. Employees of the company about what they like and inspire in their work Recruitment and onboarding processes at Good Wine 3 Sergey Tsymbal employee of the gastronomy department Three years ago I came to the Good Wine store on Mechnikova on the recommendation of a friend. The guys from the gastronomy department determined the aging and variety of jamon by smell.

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I was confused because I knew little about these products although by education I am a food technologist. Now I am an assistant to the senior gastronomy salesman in three years I have become a virtuoso in my field. We are developing the department each Greece Business Email List employee affects the income. When you get a decent reward you want to move on. Recruitment and onboarding processes at Good Wine 4 The processes here are set up perfectly the atmosphere is relaxed. Store employees are like one family but the work is not easy. You need to be constantly on the move attentive polite perfectly understand the assortment. Each guest should leave satisfied and people have different characters and temperaments.

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Not everyone knows how to find an individual approach to the client. It was easier for me because before Good Wine I had been working in similar positions since I was 16 years old. In my first year of work I was sent on a business trip to Milan and Rome. It was a landmark event which means they trust me and appreciate my merits. In previous jobs the proposals BO Leads of employees were not appreciated. In Good Wine they listen to every person here I have become more confident and bold. I always smile at work – not only on the outside but also on the inside. Recruitment and onboarding processes at Good Wine 5 Olga Melnikova store manager on Mechnikova Five years ago I was looking for a serious employer and found Good Wine.

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