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Recruitment and onboarding processes at Good Wine 8 For 10 years we have grown to incredible proportions. I managed to work with supermarkets and restaurants selected wines for events for different companies. I have been running an online store for three years. This is a new direction I have not come across online CRM systems before. I teach myself and form a team. I like to change spheres – three or four years pass and you need to try new things. Many employees in the company move to other departments or areas. The company is run by the owner. Our leaders are with the right human qualities but with non-standard thoughts and ideas in business.

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They give us the freedom to implement ideas. It happens that clients are rude they demand a director they want to find out something. It is difficult for them to understand that we are all equal and everyone makes decisions at the level of a leader. If you decide Portugal Business Email List to give a client a gift you do not need to coordinate this with your superiors. If you want to do something new – take it and do it. Gaidut Katya Gaidut journalist at LABA Mikhail Nestor is the founder of the digital agency HAVAS Worldwide Digital Kiev with 12 years of experience in advertising election campaigns and corporate reputation management.

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Mikhail founde the startup which is engage in predicting consumer behavior using artificial intelligence technologies. is recognized as one of the top 5 startups in Ukraine in 2016. We discussed two global issues: how a person BO Leads functions and how one can manage his decisions. They learned how to distinguish their desires from imposed ones emotions from the opinions of other people. We talked about how to resist manipulation and interact with others. And most importantly how to think clearly critically and structurally. How to influence a person’s decision 0 About yourself and perception of information Who am I The million dollar question of course. The qualities that drive people are curiosity and a desire to learn.

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