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The better a person understands himself his moods the reasons for his own actions the more chances he has to realize what drives people. icon 2 Empathy for others. If you empathize with someone it is easier for you to understand him and influence his behavior. You “deep into” a person you feel that he “hurts” but you also realize your goals. As a result together you come to the closest and most beneficial action for both. icon 3 But the most important art is to “turn on” the emotional state you need which will be one hundred percent real. And to be able to switch off from it in time. This can be learned If you are in the right state you do not need.

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To know the rules of rhetoric and presentation building it is enough to “turn on” yourself and communication will build itself. How to influence people’s choices The communicator resorts to concepts that already exist in the consciousness or Hungary Business Email List subconscious of people. If you address the audience by appealing to new models values ​​and beliefs your message will not be understood accepted and your triggers will not work. Therefore you always build something on what is already there. How to influence a person’s decision 4 There are two levels of influence on people. First level. In advertising propaganda they say: do not try to build a new model of behavior it will cost you dearly.

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Why It is difficult to create a need or demand for a completely unfamiliar product group. Let’s take an example. When you make a new tea you don’t have to explain to people what it is. But if you come to the market with a food product that replaces absolutely all products including coffee and vitamins and it looks like a gel without taste you need to try to BO Leads find your consumers. After all your product is a completely different story. And maybe you will have a small reach. Because most likely people will like to eat cookies with butter and drink it with tea than eat a tasteless but super healthy gel. How to influence a person’s decision 5 The second level is when you introduce new concepts into the minds of the audience. For example that private property is the most efficient form of ownership.

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