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As a result this defocus leads to an even greater tendency to accept other people’s opinions as their own. How to influence a person’s decision 7 You need to learn to think. The book for example includes fantasy. This is not a flash of emotion as a result of reading the article “I live completely wrong” after which we continue to scroll through the social media feed further. This is a long process of reading and studying the topic during which you begin to see the issue in volume and try to build applied solutions yourself based on common mechanisms to make an informed choice. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to cultivate a digital detox in yourself.

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When we talk about the media this is the day before yesterday. The main media today is Facebook and we are all too dependent on it. Moreover there was already talk of Mark Zuckerberg as the President of the United States. It is known that he has already Romania Business Email List hired top political strategists who have carried out major political campaigns. What they plan to do with Mark we can only guess. About semiotics and advertising There is such a concept in semiotics as the weathering of semantics. For example as a child you were not beaten but you decided to go to boxing. The first blow is painful with the second third blow the body gets used to the pain. Nerve cells adapt and the pain threshold rises.

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So it is in reading articles on the topic How to create your goals and desires. When you read the first article on this topic it is very important for you even if the content is not at a high level. But you will read the fifth article on the same topic with less interest. And you won’t even guess that perhaps it was more important to you than the first one. Because suddenly BO Leads turned into a background. How to influence a person’s decision 8 In PR and communications this is also used all the time. Have you ever thought about why new commercials are constantly appearing They cost millions of dollars but they are still filmed and re-launched. Because all ads disappear over time. Saturation occurs and for a person it turns into a background.

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