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Facts from the book that will make you wonder if you understand the meaning of now icon The work of GPS systems is bas on the equations of Einsteins theory of relativity and on the properties of time to stretch and slow down. The spe of the passage of time depends on the spe of the movement of objects and gravity. icon The moment closest to us is what we call the present. The passage of time is a constant process of creating new nows.  Whoever says The train arrives at exactly oclock means something like this.

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Finding the little hand of my watch on the number and the arrival of the train will be simultaneous events. icon Now is the moment that separates the past from the future. But what you mean by these terms is constantly changing. Recently your Andorra Business Email List reading of this paragraph lay in the plane of the upcoming one. And now its already past. icon Does time flow At am on April an earthquake struck San Francisco. The timing of this incident has not chang. What flows and moves is our understanding of the present. After reading You will begin to understand physics better.

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Learn the interpretation of the concept of now from a professor at the University of California. Bas on the facts and arguments present you can form your attitude to time. . Robert Sutton Dont work with assholes. And what to do if they are around you Book digest — we recommend books about overcoming fears dealing with destructive employees BO Leads focusing etc. Briefly about the book Often there are people in the team who ruce overall productivity create problems and disrupt harmony. These are destructive employees who ne to be chang or part with. Robert Sutton lecturer in management at Stanford University shares how to deal with pests and build healthy relationships within a company.

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