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It also offers practical solutions for those who cant focus on a single task. Here are some facts about how the brain works icon Our thinking organ is more plastic in childhood but in adulthood it is also able to rebuild itself. When taxi drivers learn new routes the part of their brain responsible for orientation in space increases. A similar phenomenon is observ in musicians – even those who began playing in adulthood. The part of their brain associat with the work of the fingers is larger than that of non-music people. icon Because of the plasticity of our thinking organ it pays to be careful about what you teach. Our skills are constantly record by the brain.

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We tend to think that the mind determines our behavior. But in fact the reverse relationship also works. icon An infants brain has twice as many neurons as an adults but it immiately begins to lose unus cells. At birth every child is able to distinguish the Vatican City Business Email List phonemes of any language. Then hearing only native speech he loses the ability to process sounds he does not ne. icon When your attention is out of control it means that adrenaline in the body is either too much or too little. But you can use your thoughts feelings and actions to change your levels of this hormone.

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The brain as a physical object has its limits which cannot be overcome. An overabundance of information exhausts our thinking organ it nes time to rest and recover. After reading You will learn to focus on one task. Learn how to deal with distractions. You can BO Leads do a lot more. . Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein Kiss the Frog Book digest — we recommend books about overcoming fears dealing with destructive employees focusing etc. Briefly about the book If you want to know the reason for your happiness or unhappiness success or failure just look in the nearest mirror the authors of this work say.

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