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It’s very Product Industry simple, just make sure they are: Specific : Instead of thinking about vague and abstract ideas, generate concrete and clear objectives in mind. This will make your job much easier. Measurable – You can’t achieve a goal without tracking it closely, so make sure it’s possible to measure your progress toward the goal. Attainable – Remember how we talked about walking on the moon? That’s how it is.


Be Realistic and Know What You Can Achieve Product Industry

Relevant : What influence will your goal have on your life or the lives of others? That is, what is its relevance? Thinking about your category email list company. What is the relevance of the goal set for your business? Temporary : What is the deadline to complete your goal? Without this, it is easier to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” and leave the more complicated tasks for later.


Goals Are of Equal Importance?

Set priorities We can even try, but you can’t do everything at the same time. So don’t insist that all your goals are BO Leads of equal importance and should be pursued at the same time. Since the time frame is limited, the focus must be too. So, define what is most important and worth your attention right now. This doesn’t mean you should obsess over a single goal and not think about anything else until you achieve it. It is possible to work in parallel with completely different goals, but common sense must prevail.

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