What is the mission and vision of the company

The company’s mission and vision show, respectively, the value the company currently offers and where it wants to go in the coming years. Note that this is a more corporate definition than purpose, which is much more aspirational. The mission and vision help tell the current story of the company and the future it wants to achieve. Therefore, they also influence brand storytelling.

What were your failures

There is no company that has only gotten Job Function Email List it right along the way. Mistakes, mistakes and failures are common, because brands are made by people . Remember that your company becomes much more human and attractive when it accepts its mistakes. So don’t be afraid to show your flaws. Identify in the brand’s history what the problems were and how they helped generate the changes that led the company to success.

Where are your gaps

When creating a narrative, these moments BO Laeds tend to be erased. After all, there’s nothing interesting about them, right? However. When returning to the facts of the brand’s history. It is important to identify these gaps, which may contain interesting moments. On many occasions, this is where the motivation for the changes in the company that lead to its success comes from .

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