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When you ask: why do you need it they cannot answer. Everyone ran and I ran. This is such a sad practice in marketing tactics. About empathy How to get into consumer insight First of all you need to remain yourself a person and a person and to some extent pass what is happening in this world through yourself. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 6 The best products were invented by people for themselves. It seems to me that Steve Jobs created the iPhone primarily for personal purposes so that the phone would solve his everyday problems. And suddenly it turned out to be true for all of us.

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Empathy helps in marketing. When you can guess how a person feels. In other words as Depeche Mode sings: “Try walking in my shoes”. The ability to understand the thoughts motives and soul movements of other people is what separates the genius Job Function Email Database marketer from the average. A person who can without being a consumer of for example diapers understand what mothers think and feel what they worry about and care about is able to develop excellent products. For example do you know how Pampers appeared It was the invention of a Procter & Gamble engineer grandfather who didn’t like changing his grandson’s cloth diapers. It is ideas like these that change the world.

Job Function Email Database

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How to define your target audience. A good understanding of your market segment is what is the basic condition for. The formation of any strategy and tactics but for some reason is often ignored. There are several ways to define your target audience: icon 1 Scientific: when you do research market segmentation understand what people do with your product how they use it how often and so on. For example why do people drink carbonated BO Leads drinks For taste to freshen up to show your status. So they can buy Schweppes and show that they are adults. And thus to confirm self-confidence. Everything comes from the natural needs of consumers and turns into specific desires of certain brands. icon 2 The other is when brands using your natural impulses become symbols of what you seek to highlight in yourself. If you want to emphasize prestige Prada and Louis Vuitton appear.

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