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Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 9 Some people create a business through this social network. There are those who promote their events or are engaged in fashion self-promotion. All these groups are different with different levels of needs. And you can get into them with your product. About bloggers Today technology allows everyone to be a channel of communication. Along with television radio the press we have the opportunity to create something with our own hands – to be a TV channel on YouTube a news source on Facebook or to communicate using photos and videos on Instagram. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 10 Opinion leaders can now be compared to TV.

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Recently watched the popular YouTube channel of one of the gamers who has 50 million subscribers. Just think about this number. This is more than any TV channel in Ukraine. Obviously this is a big change in the field of communication and marketing. The rules Buy Bulk SMS Service that were in effect before: I come I pay you you place they no longer work. Bloggers choose for themselves what to advertise and what not how to present products or services what to say. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 11 That’s a lot of freedom and no less risk. This means that marketers need to communicate not with faceless channels structures and organizations but with real people with all their peculiarities non-standard approaches and expectations.

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Marketing needs to change and be much more individual rather than standard and mass. It is obvious. And this trend will only intensify. There is no way back. Marketer Qualities: icon 1 Marketing psychology and coaching are industries in which there are a lot of charlatans. A marketer needs to start with a good education. This is always followed by BO Leads professionalism and experience. Ukrainian basic education may not be ideal but it should not be written off. You can also go to study at the Chartered Institute of Marketing get an MBA. If you want to develop a competitive advantage of course it is better to study abroad. There are bolder approaches they know more and use new technologies before us.

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