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As soon as I outlined my intentions after 3 months I received confirmation of the opportunity to teach and after the same period I already read the course. strategic thinking Strategic vision for me was evolutionary. At first I was an account manager then I became a brand manager and learned to plan: a year three five ahead. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 14 Naturally I developed a global approach. For example in the first year we do this with the product in the second year we do something else and so on. After I became a marketing director there was a focus on developing certain brands in the portfolio understanding their roles shaping the market trends.

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It seems to me that strategic thinking is not available to some people because there are internal limitations. And no matter how you try it is impossible to grow a strategist out of yourself. It’s realistic to develop some skills but you still won’t become Industry Email List a genius in this. This requires a certain mindset. What do I do to develop strategic thinking icon 1 I read articles that are not related to my business and what I do. Often about the development of the team their business. I like to study cases from other countries. icon 2 Evolution. The ability to break away from the daily routine and look wider and higher. Go to seminars and trainings.

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Meeting people outside of your usual circle. All this develops. How to improve memory I do not develop memory purposefully. I’m just into different intellectual hobbies. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 15 I write thoughts on my Facebook page run a BO Leads book club teach work and read a lot of both fiction and short articles. I play “What Where When” I love “Sudoku” “Erudite”. The use of intelligence both in games and in work happens by itself. Just because I have a desire to do just such an activity. I wouldn’t force myself to. You need to use your strongest qualities and develop them. If you do not have strategic thinking or long-term memory you do not need to torture yourself and force yourself.

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