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Financial reward is not always necessary. Sometimes it is enough to apologize and solve the problem. But people are not accustomed to admitting mistakes. Formal phrases are not enough you need to communicate with the client sincerely” says Maxim Mozgovoy. Books to help you understand your customers:“Marketing rule: I come I pay you you post – it doesn’t work anymore” Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk.  Gaidut Katya Gaidut journalist at LABA Tatyana Lukinyuk is the CEO of Red Bull in Ukraine and Belarus. Previously worked in Coca-Cola marketing marketing director at Oriflame all CIS and Baltic countries except Russia then at the leading brewing company SUN InBev Ukraine. Tatyana was included in the top 15 strongest marketing directors in 2011 according to MMR.

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Since 2010 he has been a lecturer at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK and since 2016 a professor at the Kyiv School of Economics. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 0 We discussed the modern rules of the game in C Level Executive List marketing. We learned about empathy as an important quality of a marketer. They also identified the main stages of creating a marketing strategy and determining their target audience. We didn’t forget to ask about books — Tatyana has her own Kyiv Bookworms Club so she was happy to share her favorite books with us.

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Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 1 About me marketing mission Who am I Funny question. First of all – a person regardless of gender. A person who feels his way. I know who I was born and who I was for the first 40 years but I don’t know exactly BO Leads who I will die. What I liked about marketing was that I was able to keep abreast of all the latest trends and understand where the world is going. Marketing tips from Tatyana Lukinyuk 2 Marketing is such a center of communication energy. A source of new knowledge about the consumer which is not found in any other department of the company.

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