Your preferences are not relevant to launching a successful business

Your preferences are Today I do something that I almost never do. Post reader comments on a post. So that no one starts. Therefore, looking for the real source, I have anonymized the text. The question included. Therefore, remains the same. This was Pepe’s doubt. I have a question. Is it possible to make money with ads? In my particular. Therefore, case I never click on the advertisement and the people I know usually don’t either.

Questions of this type arise very frequently Your preferences are

Your preferences are Questions of this type arise very frequently. I would say even daily. Not category email list only on this blog but also in real life. I also get caught. Therefore, frequently. The normal reaction when we judge the value of something is to start from ourselves . It’s totally normal. We are the person we know best in the world so we will know exactly if something. Therefore, fits us or not. The others will speak for themselves. Going back to Pepe’s comment. He assumed that he didn’t click on ads and even the people he knew didn’t do it either. 

We must be clear that we are not relevant a successful business

We must be clear that we are not relevant. We are not a representative BO Leads market study. To know if something can be accepted or not we must ask 100, 200 or even better 1,000 people. Our opinion has a weight of 0.1% in a broader test. The best proof for this is all kinds of ideas that may seem “stupid” to us will seem great to others. How else do you explain that a business like this can go viral. 

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