The 3 areas of work that every SEO consultant should know and work on NOW

The 3 areas of work that every SEO consultant should know and work on NOW. Being visible on Google is the goal of many people but, to achieve it, we have to stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of SEO. To do this we must ask ourselves, How does SEO currently work? What are the REAL pillars that we must take into account to work on it effectively? On April 6, 2019, we celebrated the Third Edition of PRO Marketing DAY , an event dedicated to the world of Digital Marketing in which we were able to enjoy presentations focused on different topics such as SEO, Online Advertising, Branding, Content Marketing or YouTube.

How does SEO work today

How does SEO work today. Luis began his presentation by asking the audience how many times they had heard the following statement: “SEO has changed a lot in recent years . ” He explained that, although we still hear this phrase regularly, there are SEO techniques that began to be established years ago and that, to this day, continue to work. And to exemplify this, he alluded to 3 years ago, when at the Agency Meeting he shared 5 effective techniques for SEO that he stated would last over time. The 3 email leads areas of work that every SEO consultant should know and work on NOW. The techniques referred to by the expert SEO consultant are. Create and maintain updated and fresh content .

Google: a key aspect for positioning

Google: a key aspect for positioning. After this first introduction, Luis made reference to Gary Illyes and John Müller, two of the Google representatives who give recommendations to improve SEO. Some of the ideas that can help us position better are: think about mobile devices, increase loading speed or give importance to links and content. We must keep in mind that Google learns with everything and tries to respond better and better to user searches. So we too must adopt this path. However, in order not BO Leads to lurch back and forth with all the recommendations we come across, it is important to work with our own methodology. Testing it in different areas and over time to verify its effectiveness.

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