The 3 most important Pillars of Emotional Marketing for a Brand

The 3 most important Pillars of Emotional Marketing for a Brand. Competition between companies is becoming fiercer. Products and services are becoming more homogeneous every day and companies must look for ways to stand out from the rest. Emotional and Experiential Marketing. Is one of the best measures to achieve this objective. But what does it consist of and how to apply it to a brand? we celebrated the 2nd edition of the PRO Marketing DAY event. organized by Aula CM, in which we enjoyed the presence of more than 20 experts.

Emotional Marketing and brand

Emotional Marketing and brands. To put ourselves in context and learn a little more about this trend. let’s review what email contact list emotional marketing is. Emotional Marketing, in generic terms, refers. all those communication strategies aimed at establishing an emotional relationship between the brand and the consumer. However, Gemma gives us a definition that is much easier to recognize, easier to connect with, easier to “feel”, never better said. According to Gemma, emotional marketing is marketing that is felt. that excites, that impacts, that connects with you.

The 3 pillars of Emotional Marketing

The 3 pillars of Emotional Marketing. First of all, Gemma invites us to ask ourselves questions, to question everything we know since. that is what will allow us to move forward. And with humility answer all those questions that she asks us. A brand is much more than a logo . It is a philosophy of life. In fact, what consumers buy are no longer products or services. they buy values ​​and identify with those values. Therefore, it is necessary to question what those values ​​are and define them BO Leads very well. We will also have to question what we are doing to transmit those values. ask ourselves what channels or what formats we are using so that they reach our users.

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